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Single battery multi-function test machine


a Microprocessor controlled, LCD display and can connect to PC;

a Convenient operation, programming. viewing, start.t stop and. other operations. can be carried outthrough control panel, also can download program to operate;

Intelligent program control enables accurate data record. Can run independently without PC and cansave data when power cut off and resume. whenpower is on.

Applicable to testing of electrical and physicalfeatures for large, medium and small battery .


1. Multi function testing tor battery capacity.charging acceptance. charging reserving. dischargefeature. cycle life. over discharge endurance, etc;

2. Can freely set and store charge & dischargeprograms; for production;

3. More running methods of constant voltage ,constant . current. constant voltage with limitedCurrent. constant current with limited voltage andtime.. constant resistace. constant power. standingby and recycling;

4.. Have run. stop. pause. jump and otherfunctions :

5. Multi computer network can share resources;

6. Data upload to PC and can generate multipledata report and curve report.

. Range of voltage controlled: 0.5% – 100%.

. Range of current controlled : 0.5%-100%

. Steady flow, the regulator accuracy: s t 0.5% F.S.

. Precision of time; = 10S/24h

. Minimum time interval data collection: 1S

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