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Battery group multi-function test machine


◆ Dedicated microcomputer control, LCD LCD screen display, can be connected to the PC.

◆ Easy to operate, you can program, view, start, stop, etc. through the device control panel, or you can use the PC download program to operate the device.

◆ Intelligent program control to accurately record test data.

◆ It can collect the battery voltage data of each battery pack.

Apply to functional- testing of discharge and cycle lifeperformance for single battery or battery groups.


1. Multi- function testing for: battery capacity.charging acceptance. charging reserving. discharge:feature. cycle life. ower discharge endurance, etc;

2. Can freely set and slore charge & dischargeprograms for production;

3. More running methods of constant voltage.constant current. constant voltage with limited Current.constant current with limited voltage and. time. standingby and recyclingi

4. Haverun. stop. pause. jump and ocher funcions;

5. Aulo data saving and resuming whenpower cutlon;

6. Multi-computer network can share resources;

7. Data upload i0 PC and can generate multiple datareport and curve report.

. Range of voltage controlled : 0.5% ~ 100%

. Range of current ontolled: 0.5%- 100%

. Steady Flow, the regulator accuracy:st 0.5%F.S

. Precision ot time: s 10S/24h

. Single battery volage oontrol acuracy: s +0.2% F.S (F.S= 12V)

. Minimurn time interval data colleotion: 1 S

. Collection points volage configuration options:4 to 24 points (standard configuration 4 points)

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